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2022 Field Notes


We had a very mild winter with little snow fall. This left us thinking we may be off to an early start planting. However, it is now April 30th and we have not yet planted a kernel of corn or beans. The weather through the entire month of April has been cool and wet. The light rains have been welcome though. Last year’s dry season left us short on moisture. We’ve had plenty of rain now, but are not quite saturated yet. The weather forecast calls for another week of cool temps and rain as we enter May. We are anxious to get into the field, but will hold off and patiently wait for better conditions.


          - Bill G.

Spring Notes

Late this winter, early February, we started and completed a large refresh project on our 8120 combine. As the pictures above show, a decent of the combine was disassembled, reworked, and put back together. In fact during this refresh, we pulled the unload auger & elbow, the feeder, and the rotor. Thanks to Jesco, a local fabrication shop in Grundy Center, IA, for building us a special jig to remove the rotor with a forklift. Even though harvest is a long ways off (we haven’t even started planting yet), we are excited to get the 8120 back into crop. This year it’ll primarily be used to harvest soybeans.


Once the combine project was complete, we pulled the planter and tractor in for a few final touches. Most of the planter work was completed last summer, so when it came back into the shop this spring it only needed the regular preseason prep. We’re also looking forward to getting it back in the field as it also underwent a large refresh project last summer. This spring it’ll go to the field with all new ground engaging components, as well as parallel arms & bushings.

          - Brett G.

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