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The Home Farm


As the agriculture world changes and becomes more technologically advanced, Gutknecht Family Farms strives to grow with it. With the implementation of technology, agriculture has become more efficient, less wasteful, and allowed managers to make smarter decisions. Currently, Gutknecht Family Farms is putting these technologies to use to better improve our management practices. In the spring, our sub-inch, year-to-year accurate auto guidance system allows our equipment to drive with no overlap when working dirt or planting. As a result, soil compaction is reduced, greater fuel efficiency is achieved, and healthier plants are grown. In the fall, this same GPS system records field performance data during harvest which than can be used to make smarter management decisions for the following year. Since 1996, Gutknecht Family Farms (formerly Gutknecht & Gutknecht Farms) has been collecting GPS based crop performance data during harvest on ALL of the fields we manage to help with the decision making processes. Below are actual yield and moisture maps from 1996 to current day for the middle section of the home field, "Middle 128." These maps help identify problem areas in a field as well as give clues as to why they may be performing poorly. Also note, in 2004 and 2010 drainage tile was installed for better field performance, and digitally mapped for easy relocation and record keeping. Look closely for the tile’s effect on crop performance and harvested grain moisture in the years after the installation.

As you review the maps below, please note that there are many factors that influence crop performance (soil type, nutrient levels, ground moisture, weather, farming practices, etc.) and therefore no two fields will perform the same regardless of location. As the maps demonstrate, performance can change drastically from one end of the field to the other and even from year to year. Let these maps only be a sample of one of our better performing fields, and NOT a true comparison to others.

*Maps from 2008 and 2012 are not included in collection above due to incomplete data sets.

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