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Gutknecht Family Farms continues to remain a significant farming operation by focusing on family values. Our long history has continued to be a source of pride and motivation that we strive to pass on to our future generations. In today's society we believe more than ever these principles must be passed on to not only our family but employees, friends, community and others who may join us in these pursuits.


Honesty, responsibility, and accountability are the three core values that we actively instill throughout our operation and daily life. From an honest hand shake to helping a neighbor in need, Gutknecht Family Farms members pride ourselves on quality hard work to better ourselves and our community. We also strive to educate consumers and the general public about agriculture and the practices we use that make our industry great.


Innovation and technology are two key factors that Gutknecht Family Farms utilize in our day to day practices to produce a higher grade of product. GPS and satellite technology have made major strides to ensure efficiency and production throughout the operation. Never being satisfied with the minimum propels Gutknecht Family Farms to implement new ideas and advancements into the future.

Crop Land Management

Gutknecht Family Farms is currently seeking to expend their grain operation and take on additional farmland to allow for their next generation of young farmers to join the operation. During this exciting time, GFF can provide seasoned farmland management along with young enthusiasm to allow for knowledgeable and versatile corn and soybean production. Interested landowners can expect responsible tenants dedicated to maintaining the land and creating a healthy working relationship between landowner and tenant. GFF uses today’s latest equipment and technology to sensibly care for the land while minimally effecting on the surrounding environment. Call us today and ask about our Tier 4 emissions compliant tractors, as well as discuss our farming practices. Also, click on the button below to see our latest updates from the field.

Drainage Tile Installation/Repair

If you are currently having water drainage issues on your property, let us help. GFF is fully capable of handling small tile repair jobs to large tile installation projects. With our own full set of tiling equipment, repairs and installations happen on our time allowing for problems to fixed faster and projects to be completed on schedule. Most importantly, each project is treated as if it was our own, and each situation is carefully studied and planned out before work begins. If you interested in repair work or installation, let us know and we’d be happy to go over options with you. Click on the button below to see an example of our tiling work installed on our home farm.

Precision Farming Practices

By using today’s latest guidance technology GFF is able to eliminate over application, decrease fuel consumption, and reduce soil compaction while increasing overall productivity. This technology is also utilized to make numerous maps depicting harvest yields, moisture content, etc. as well as generate detailed end of year field reports. This information is then internally reviewed and used to make educated decisions for the next year. Click on the on bottom below to view actual yield and moisture content maps of our Home Farm field.

Swine Manure Fertilization

To complement our row crop operation, GFF also raises swine. These two operations fit well together as the hogs are fed corn produced, and the crops are fertilized with the hog manure. This natural fertilizer alternative is a great source for plant nutrients and can be provided by GFF. If you would prefer swine manure over other current fertilizers to enrich your property, GFF can provide.

Gutknecht Family Farms strive to be excellent stewards of what has been entrusted to us. We want to leave the land in better condition than we found it, and our conservation practices help us accomplish that goal. We protect not only the land but also the water, natural resources, and wildlife it supports. We believe these practices are essential to preserve a livelihood for our future generations and the community we live in.

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